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The Presence Of The Sea

Home to dramatic coastlines, ancient myths and a rich history of literary and artistic talent, Cornwall has long been a place that fosters creativity. A city dweller, drawn by the call of the sea and passion her partner has for this landscape, Juliana Ribeiro contemplates the connections between creativity, life by the sea, and her shift into a new role of motherhood.


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Words by Juliana Ribeiro

Photography by Jack Johns

Film by Luke Pilbeam

My work is about turning ideas into inspirational spaces and meaningful audience experiences. I’m a multidisciplinary creative, project director, and cultural programmer. Born and bred in big cities, I followed the call to come to Cornwall about 7 years ago. And the passion my partner has for this place made me stay.

He was raised here from his first months of age and the ocean has pretty much shaped his identity. He’s a surfer, architect, artist and maker. An ocean lover.

I gave birth to our son at 40. Motherhood shifted me into a new chapter, one where I am even more connected to the natural forces, the energy emanated by the Earth, the radiating granite under my feet.

- Juliana Ribeiro

I haven’t had the close presence of the sea for most of my life,
So I am widely aware of the impact it has on me.
The changes it brought to my everyday, as a source of inspiration and a grounding force.
I seek for its movement.
I seek for its immersive sound, for its immense presence.

I’ve always been a good observer,
More of a listener than a talker.
And on the storm-blasted cliff top where we dwell, the protagonist is Mother Nature.
Wide open spaces are ideal for me to focus on the breath and look about.
It tunes my body to fully absorb the magic,
Vibe with the earth, honour the spirit.
Learn from the power within.

I found sharpness again, creatively, from putting myself on edge.

Cold water sharpens the senses,
Awakens the mind to freedom.
Drifting into deep water is liberating,
And heightens the vibration.

To my work practice I try to bring the flow,
The beauty I see,
And always think of the bigger picture, in terms of resources and materials…
But the lesson that hugely manifests.
The open sea is the master.
Humbling power and unruliness is a never ending lesson.

Widen perspectives,
Equanimity stance over the unmanageable,
And perseverance - so needed if being nailed!
But even when all seems still,
Undercurrents pull across the bay.
Constant action… 

I have now landed into motherhood.
It’s a slower rhythm.
Threading lightly, ever more alert of the marks we make.

Traces, residue, footprints.

Learning to read the cycles of nature
And mirror my own cycles.
Tuning in to nurture and channel to my child.
This lands-ender running free on sandy beaches,
This surge of energy I invited into the world.
Sudden tidal surges,
Tsunami in my days.
The analogy.

Somehow the transition into a mother is like becoming the gentlest of warriors.
Motherhood aligns us to the energy that powers nature in her infinite grace…
Fierceness and fortitude.

Where we are,
This ancient treasure-land,
Feeds inspiration.
The stimuli to keep up the journey,
Steering clear of what holds me back,
Maintaining the search for the clearest expression of myself…

To live by it.


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