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The Sea To Me | The Lewis Sisters

The Lewis Sisters; Writer, Teacher, Student.

Three sisters, born and raised in Cornwall, Lottie, Monica and Bryony each enjoy their own connection with the water; writing about it, surfing on it, and swimming beneath it. They have travelled far and wide to feed their deep personal relationships with the sea and together, they continue push each other to take on ever greater challenges.


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Interview Transcript

Monica: It's a place where you can just stop thinking. Once you get in the sea, nothing on land matters anymore, you're kind of in that element. It's just a way to escape really...

Bryony: When you lie in the sea on a really flat day and put your ears back in the water and look at the sky, there is no other more peaceful feeling than that. It's just freeing and it completely just takes you away from everything, whilst also connecting you to everything at the same time.

Lottie: I guess surfing started when I went to a school where the school bus used to drop us onto the beach. The surf school there were really supportive of getting girls into surfing there, so we had a little crew called Girls Elite and we used to surf all together.

Monica: My most powerful memory is when I was surfing in South Africa, at a place called Coffee Bay. I was out surfing and I felt a little bit out of my depth and there was a couple of waves I let slide, and then I just thought, "right, next one's mine!" So I caught this wave and about a metre in front of me a dolphin jumped out and I just felt so lucky to be there and happy that I kind of went on that wave.

Bryony: I trust my own body more than I trust a board, so I've always done a lot of swimming and then within the last couple of years I swapped to sea swimming a little bit. It's just any way to get in the water really.

Lottie: I think the sea has taught me to stay calm in all situations. There's really not a lot you can do, when you're struggling in the water you just have to relax and you're eventually going to come back up to the surface so I think that's a good metaphor for life - when everything's going nuts you just have to relax and ride through it and eventually you're going to come out on top again.

Bryony: We've been lucky enough to grow up by the ocean the whole time so it's, how do you care for the ocean if you don't know the ocean? So I think kind of the big push needs to be to make sure that people can feel inspired, no matter how far away from the water they are, they need to make their connection with the ocean and the beach.

We're made up of a lot of water, the one thing that connects us as a world is the ocean around us so how can that not be worth saving?


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