Hemp Fabric

Did you know that hemp has been cultivated for thousands of years? In fact, one of the oldest relics of human activity is a piece of hemp fabric dating back to approximately 8,000 BC. It’s highly absorbent and can be blended with other natural fibres like cotton to create a soft but far more durable fabric. In this guide, we walk through the properties of this highly versatile fabric...

What is Hemp fabric?

Hemp clothing is a textile made using fibres from the stalks of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Textile harvesters have, over the centuries, perfected a method for breeding Cannabis Sativa so that it is low in THC (the famously psychoactive chemical) and instead made up of stronger, more malleable fibres for fabric making.

How is Hemp clothing produced?

Once the Cannabis Sativa plant is harvested, the fibres are separated from the bark and softened in a process called 'retting'. They are then turned to strands, pulped and spun into yarn, ready to be woven into your favourite hemp clothing.

How sustainable is Hemp clothing?

Hemp is six times stronger than traditional cotton and far less intensive to cultivate. It is one of the highest yielding crops on the planet, but actually requires very little water and no chemical fertilisers or pesticides to grow. It even blocks weeds from growing, making it a great option for farmers to improve soil quality, and different parts of the plant can be used to make tens of thousands of products – not just textiles.

In terms of the durability of the end result, hemp clothing will likely last approximately three times as long as your average cotton t-shirt. So, year after year, you can rely on hemp for versatile wardrobe staples.

Benefits of Hemp clothing

We love Hemp clothing because it is...

1. Incredibly breathable
2. Does not shrink or degrade when washed
3. Resistant to pilling
4. Perfect balance of softness and durability
5. Super absorbable - great for hot climates
6. Resistant to mold and potentially harmful microbes