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EP 16. Nik Strong-Cvetich

Save The Waves Coalition

For Episode 2 of this California Mini Series, we sat down with Nik-Strong Cvetich, CEO of Save The Waves Coalition.



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hell or high water episode 16 with Nik Stroing-Cvetich
Nik Strong-Cvetich

Founded in 2003, its Mission Objective is to protect surfing ecosystems around the world...

... where surfing provides a vehicle for long-term coastal conservation. One way in which they do this is by instating some of the beautiful, accessible and often under-threat areas of our coastlines as World Surfing Reserves - areas recognised as having key environmental, cultural and economic attributes to costal communities.

To date there are 12 recognised World Surfing Reserves around the globe, most recently North Devon having been announced as the 12th thanks to the work of local surfers, businesses and organisations like STW.

As we sit down with many experts and people of this persuasion on the show...

... it becomes more apparent the type of character and grit required to tackle the countless obstacles and curves balls that are rife in this line of work.

Nik Strong-Cvetich - strong by name, strong by nature appears to take this all in his stride. A dogged determination and a steely disposition, Nik and his team are currently firing on all cylinders as the ocean space and coastal ecosystem holds the worlds attention more than ever before.

Nik-Strong Cvetich, CEO of Save The Waves Coalition

Nik is a passionate surfer himself, go figure, and a true Santa Cruz local

He is also a family man and without speaking for him, it’s clear that he is motivated to do the work he does to protect and preserve the beautifully raw and rugged home coastland for his children's future too.

"If you ask any surfer, I think that we don’t do a great job of telling that story, because there is an organisation set out to protect 1000 waves, and that is pretty rad in my mind."

Nik-Strong Cvetich


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