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EP 24. Rachel Dickens

Rising Tides

This next episode is an insightful and astute conversation with Rachel Dickens, co-founder of Canada’s Indigenous youth surf team ‘Mułaa’, an organisation rebuilding the indigenous youth’s connection to their ancestral waters through surf and the joy of riding waves. Rachel is also a Health Care Professional specialising as a diabetic dietician within First Nation communities. As a mixed ancestry indigenous women herself, Rachel uses ‘food as medicine’ to actively engage with Indigenous food systems.



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hell or high water episode 22
Episode 24
Rachel Dickens

We discussed in great depth the First Nation Territories and the waters and lands we found ourself on.

The long term effect of colonisation and social disruption. The reverence, ceremonial and spiritual significance of Salmon and traditional food systems to Surf Therapy and the holistic, health promoting qualities of the ocean.


"There is a recognition that we need to be making space for indigenous knowledge and systems… not only in universities and education, but ecological management.”

Rachel Dickens

"There’s not a lot of First Nations faces in the water… surfing hasn’t been accessible to First Nations people for a long time.”

Rachel Dickens


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