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Ep 10. Melissa Reid - Britain’s World Champ

For Episode 10 we tuned in with a genuine surfing champion, with the legendary and unmistakable initials of MR



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Now, I’m not talking about Australian surfing icon Mark Richards, but instead British surfing hero, Melissa Reid.

Melissa, much like her Australian counterpart is not your average surfer. Melissa is a 2x World Champion in the AmpSurf ISA World Para Surfing Championships - making her Britain’s only ever Surfing World Champion.

She is the first visually impaired female to have a surfing world title and the first British person to ever win a world title in surfing

She is also a Paratriathlete and Olympic bronze medallist - and in my eyes one of the most interesting surfing figures of the moment.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Melissa last week, ahead of her trip to California where she looks to win her 3rd world title. With fierce competition across both women's and men's disciplines, Melissa is fired up and ready to prove a point.

We spoke about her journey into surf and triathlon, overcoming adversity and not getting bogged down in the trivial matters of 20/20 vision, and her opinion on surfing at the Olympics and future Paralympics.

It’s a community, it’s a family… everyone wants the sport to grow

Show Notes

Navigating the surf

Reliance on other heightened senses

The Rip Curl Grom Search

Formative years competing against able bodies surfers

Perseverance through injury

The English Open of Surfing

Networking through surf and the enjoyment of the water

2018 British Surfing Title

The Wave, Bristol

2X Adaptive World Surfing Champion

Paratriathlon and Bronze Medal at Rio 2016 Paralympics

Sporting England & UK Sport

Governing Bodies

A self-sufficient approach

The imbalance of funding between able bodied and para sports

Importance of volunteer support

2018 ISA Games

La Jolla, California

Pismo Beach, California

Porthtowan, Cornwall

Training for the World Championships

Adaptive surfing – self-funded sport

No sponsors

Inclusivity and access

Blue Mind Theory

The importance of education

Blue Earth Summit

The importance of asking questions – don’t make the assumption

The Commonwealth Games

The adaptive surf community

Experience over medals

Nazaré, Portugal

Guinness Book of World Records

Olympic & Paralympic Surfing

LA 2024


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