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Ep 6. Waves for Change - Tim Conibear & Apish Tshetsha - An Ocean for Everyone

In episode 6 we are joined by two great guests by way of Tim Conibear and Finisterre Ambassador Apish T - the two founding fathers of South Africa’s Wave For Change.



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Waves for Change harnesses the power of surfing to provide psycho-social support to vulnerable children in South Africa in what is fast becoming widely recognised as Surf Therapy.

Over the past decade, their evidence-based surf therapy programme has provided youth with the opportunity to have vital experiences in the sea. Working in communities affected by violence, poverty and conflict, where mental health services are often stigmatised and under-resourced, they identify, train and resource mentors, to open programmes that service the youth of their own home communities.

We touched on its humble beginnings as a surf club with 20 kids, to now 2,000 kids a week with school and hospital referrals.

Discussed the mounting science and information behind surf therapy and how putting young people first, championing diversity and community participation is the key to accessing the ocean.

Here we have two men from different walks of life who are doing everything they can to champion equal access to the ocean - the success of what they have done testament to the shared passion and determination to really incite change.

you protect the things you love...

Show Notes

Waves For Change



Surf Therapy - supporting vulnerable children and youth in South Africa

Powerful therapeutic benefits of surfingTransformative effect of the ocean

Waves For Change Tour 2019

Creating Safe Spaces - Coping skills for stress, regulating behaviour, articulating emotions.

The Science of Surf Therapy and The NHS

Development of water skills

Communicating feelings and creating friendships

The challenges of repurposing the sea as a play of play and leisure

The Wave Alliance

Harper, Liberia

Elman Peace


Ilwad Elman, Youngest women shortlisted for Nobel Peace Prize

Mogadishu, Somalia - safe houses for young men transitioning out of conflict

Conversations of surfing at the UN security council

NHS and the welfare state

Community led interventions

Open sourced programme - sharing surf therapy framework and training worldwide

Non-surfing partners - Skatistan

Empowering children through skateboarding and education.

Training coaches and building trust

Squash coaches in El Salvador

‘Ubuntu' - I am me, because you are you.

Siya Kolisi and the South African Rugby TeamInclusion and increased access to the water for women and young girls

Depression and the lack of social services

Xhosa culture and community