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Ep 7. With Courage, an RNLI special

This week for episode 7 of the show we have a slightly different set up to celebrate the launch of our latest collaboration with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution aka. The RNLI.



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Born from a shared love and respect for the sea, our collaboration with the RNLI draws inspiration from British seafaring heritage and the hardiness of the human spirit, with 10% of every sale from the collection going to support the vital work of the charity that saves lives at sea.

Together we believe that with passion and courage, ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Our collaboration with the RNLI celebrates the fortitude of those volunteer crews who brave the ocean’s unfathomable power to keep their communities safe. As such, we caught up with 4 volunteer lifeboat crew members from stations around the UK to hear their stories.

Our guests...

Emily Hague - a Marine Biologist and crewmember of the RNLI Anstruther lifeboat, meaning she spends a great deal of time at sea. And with a partner on the St Andrew’s Coastguard Rescue team, helping people at sea seems very much to be a family business.

Josh Owens- holding two positions at Portsmouth Lifeboat station: both as an Inshore lifeboat crewmember and as the station’s Lifeboat Boathouse Manager. He also happens to be a rising star of TikTok, amounting over 23,000 followers with whom he shares safety advice and a peak behind the scenes of a busy lifeboat station.

Mail Parry-Jones - a longstanding ten-year RNLI volunteer, based at Porthdinllaen situated on the Llŷn Peninsula, on the north west coast of Wales. A TV producer in her day-job, she is a fully qualified navigator aboard the all-weather lifeboat the John D Spicer, as well as one of the casualty carers.

Peter Doyle - A paramedic, RNLI volunteer and soon to be Firefighter, the trifecta of lifesaving you might say. Peter is a man whose entire career is built on saving lives. A volunteer from Teddington Lifeboat station, one of the vital RNLI stations along the Thames, he brings a wealth of valuable experience to his role in the crew.