Pair standing on a rock with mountainous background

Freedom In The Landscape

New experiences lie in wait. A coastal playground of waves and winding paths. Old friends reuniting through shared passions. Lucy, Alex and Luke converge on Leo’s homeland to experience it through her eyes. Treading light, we set out to embrace a new season...


Alex Libby
Lucy Campbell
Luke Pilbeam
Leo Fragoso

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“Time outdoors, connecting to nature is so important to our mental and physical health - no matter where I am, the sea is a place that makes me feel calm.” 

Alex Libby

Women's Rainbird Waterproof Jacket

Women's Rainbird Waterproof Jacket


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“I love travelling somewhere new and exploring it with the locals. You find the best spots, the best waves, and get way more out of the whole experience.”

Lucy Campbell

Surfer on a wave

“It’s good to be able to count on my gear when we’re out shooting on a trip. When it comes to my clothing, my Fini kit never lets me down.”

Luke Pilbeam, Filmmaker & Director

Three women jumping into a natural pool

As day fades and the sky turns to dusk, lighter layers give way to warm knitwear and insulation, keeping us out under the stars, sharing stories long into the night...

“Most of the best moments of my life have been in nature; surfing epic waves, watching epic sunrises and sunsets with friends. I feel very grateful for those experiences, and I can’t wait for more!”

Leo Fragoso, Surfer & Traveller

Leo on a surfboard in glassy water in evening purple light