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A Jacket For The Journey

"The most sustainable product is the one you already own" is a bit of a mantra for us at Finisterre. It's part of the ethos behind our Lived & Loved repairs service - keeping old gear going for longer so you can take it on many more adventures.

A filmmaker, musician, cabin builder, and all-round dirty jobs man, Sam Glazebrook is no stranger to holes in his clothes, and we recently had the pleasure of breathing new life into his old yellow Nimbus Jacket. Below he talks through some of their shared adventures and the deepening love he has developed for it over the years.


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It's hard to pin down moments that at the time seemed fleeting, but on reflection feel significant.

That's how I feel about this old yellow jacket. Bought on a whim in the original Finisterre shop on the old high street in Falmouth. A youthful version of myself in his early years of University independence. A new group of people to learn from, a new life to forge.

I’ve never been massively clothes centric. I rarely buy new clothes these days, but at that moment I guess I just wanted to fit in. Looking back now I hardly remember the kid I was when I moved to Falmouth. It seems like a lifetime ago. Regardless, those memories and feelings fade into insignificance at the amount of places I’ve been, friends I’ve made and things I’ve done, many of which while wearing this old yellow Jacket.

I’m not very good at keeping my clothes nice. Not usually the one to change for a dirty job (much to the frustration of my wife!). Oil stains from trying to learn how to service my own car, rips and tears from catching on brambles when trying to find a way home from a hike that when slightly awry, worn corners from kneeling in the soil trying to figure out how to grow some food. This jacket has been with me for almost a decade now, enduring endless adventure, use and abuse. Building my own home, running my own business, travelling many countries.

Every stain and every tear spark a distant moment that at the time seemed fleeting, but on reflection feel significant.

Our Lived & Loved service is part of our commitment to creating truly circular products. You can choose to breathe new life into old favourites with our repairs team, or trade in your old gear for vouchers to spend on any new kit you might need. We'll either refurbish and repair the products, to send it out on new adventures, or fully recycle the materials and keep them out of landfill.

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