We'd much rather breathe new life into our old products than see them added to landfill. That's what our Lived & Loved services are here for. Because the most sustainable product is the one you already own.

Discover Our Lived & Loved Services

Repairs, Takeback, Resale, Product Care - we offer a range of services in order to upcycle or recycle your old Finisterre gear. It’s circularity made simple; better for the planet, your wallet, and your wardrobe.

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At Home Repairs

How To Sew On A Button

2 mins

How To Use Tenacious Tape

52 secs

How To Thread A Needle

45 secs

How To Ladder Stitch A Patch Repair

4mins 35s

How To Iron On A Patch

1 min 30s

How To Patch Repair Denim

4 min 47s

How To Fix A Sock Or Moth Hole

4 min 34s

At Home Care

How To Wash A Wetsuit

1 min

How To Wash Knitwear

55 secs

How To Wash A Waterproof

45 secs

How To Spot Clean Knitwear

51 secs

How To De-Pill Knitwear

46 secs

How To Use A 2-Way Zip

27 secs

How To Wash Insulation

52 secs

How To Spot Clean Jackets

51 secs

Meet The Repairs Team


Hola! I'm Mica, a maker and clothing repair specialist based in Bristol. I grew up in Buenos Aires, in a family that was all about creativity and a love for nature. From a young age, my Italian Nonna taught me the ropes of knitting and fixing stuff, and that really sparked my love for being both artsy and practical. Whether I'm making something new or giving a cherished piece a new lease of life, I'm all about mixing my artsy side with an eco-friendly approach. My goal? Well, I want every item I work on to have a story, and I hope to inspire more people to consider blending creativity and sustainability. 


Hi, I’m Amy! I head up the Lived & Loved team from our Workshop HQ in Cornwall and have been helping shape the repairs service at Finisterre. Working with waste streams in textiles has been a core thread in my life, and I’m proud of the work we’re doing to make the care, repair and longevity of clothing a sustained and strategic solution, both within Finisterre and the wider industry. Away from the workshop I’m a textile artist, with repair and reuse central to my practice, as well as a passionate surfer and traveller.


Hey! I’m Emily, a repairs specialist based at Wheal Kitty in Cornwall. I’ve been sewing and repairing clothes for as long as I can remember, learning the craft from multiple generations of my family. My background is in garment design and construction, but I decided to make the switch to repairs so that I could have a bigger impact around sustainability and circularity within the fashion industry. When I’m not in the workshop, you can usually find me in or around the sea - swimming, attempting to surf or running up and down Cornish hills. 


I'm Coco, the Marketing Manager at Reskinned, where our focus is on circularity and sustainable fashion. My journey into the world of eco-conscious style began during my five-years at Finisterre's Covent Garden, London Store. I've always held a fascination for second-hand treasures and a genuine admiration for vintage fashion. So, when I came across Reskinned a couple of years ago, I felt an instant alignment with their mission. Their dedication to prolonging the life of garments and maintaining a steadfast 0% to landfill policy resonated deeply with me. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my role is the opportunity to collaborate closely with my former workplace, Finisterre. It's truly rewarding to offer sustainable solutions for the pre-loved Finisterre pieces. Whether they find new homes or undergo creative transformations through recycling, it embodies the essence of genuine circular fashion. Driven by my love of sustainability and a strong belief in Reskinned's values, I stand proudly in support of Finisterre's efforts towards a greener, more responsible future. Through my work, I have the privilege of blending the worlds of fashion and sustainability, leaving a meaningful impact on the industry.