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Finisterre x Reskinned

We’ve always believed that the best product is the one that lasts the longest and gets the most use. That’s why we’ve been committed to repairing our products for years and partnering with Reskinned is the next step in that journey. They take old Finisterre gear and recondition it for re-sale - keeping product out of landfill and on your adventures, where it belongs.

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We believe that the fashion industry is broken. The linear approach of ‘take, make and waste’ is not an option. That’s why a new way of clothing the world is urgently needed.  

“Every second, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill.” 

Ellen Macarthur Foundation

As hard-wearing as Finisterre products are, sometimes you fall out of love. Sometimes they stop fitting. And sometimes, you end up loving a piece ‘to bits’ – quite literally…  And that’s where Reskinned come in. The company was founded on the idea of maximising the potential of every item of clothing, that pre-loved can be an appealing offer to everyone and that when things have reached the end of life, they can recycle them responsibly.

Our position has always been one of leadership; and we are proud to be the first brand to partner with Reskinned on our journey to help ensure that our products have multiple lives beyond their original custodian. 

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Takeback Initiative

Through our takeback scheme, you can trade in your old Finisterre gear for money off new product on our website. Reskinned will accept clothes in any condition and sort them by hand to find the right next steps. So, however battle scarred your item, Reskinned will take it, revive it with a bit of TLC, and find it a new home. And for clothing that’s been on one too many adventures, they either upcycle it into new products or fully recycle the materials. Nothing goes to waste.

Patched up Finisterre Jacket

From Pre-Loved to Re-Loved

You can now buy these reconditioned second-hand pieces through our new re-sale platform on Reskinned, finding the best pre-loved Finisterre gear at great prices. It also includes stock from returned products to factory seconds – gear that didn’t quite meet our highest standards, but is still entirely functional and ready to accompany your adventures. There’s even the occasional gem from previous collections, for the avid treasure hunters out there.

By adding some preloved and repaired Finisterre to your wardrobe, you’re giving this old gear a second chance, and keeping it out of landfill. It’s circularity made simple; better for the planet, your wallet, and your wardrobe. 

End-Of-Life Recycling

With over 20 years of experience in textile recycling Reskinned are investing in new ways to improve recycling in the UK. Using their knowledge and experience they have built a reliable network of options for our clothes that are beyond the help of reasonable repair. Together we are working with pioneers who are inventing new ways to recycle used fabrics into new fabrics.

With less than 1% of material used to produce all clothing being recycled into new clothing, these are game changing partnerships that bring us closer to a truly circular economy - extending the life of our products, encouraging multiple ownership, and reducing carbon, water and waste footprints.

Extending the active life of 50% of UK clothing by nine months would save:

8% Carbon

10% Water

4% Waste

Per Tonne of Clothing - WRAP