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Sustainable Packaging

We believe that single use is no use and in 2018 we made a commitment to eradicate single use, non-degradable plastic at Finisterre. We didn’t just stop there, our sustainable packaging commitment covers everything from the swingtag to the bag you receive your order in.



Finisterre degradable plastic bags

Those little plastic twigs which connect swingtags to product, we’ve said goodbye to plastic and gone back to good old string.

We’ve swapped plastic for paper. Our mailbags are made from unbleached kraft pulp, from renewable FSC/PEFC compliant paper mills. They are both recyclable and compostable.

Poly bags
The poly bag is the packaging that transports Finisterre product from factory to store/warehouse and from us to you, inside the paper order bag. We have dedicated time to finding a protective poly bag that not only keeps clothes safe, dry and clean when they are on their way to you but that also breaks down in the natural environment when you’re done with it. Right now, we use a degradable plastic called D2W, but amid concerns regarding microplastics and ocean biodegradability, we believe we can do even better.

We never stop seeking alternatives. We have taken our commitment to eradicating single use plastic even further in 2019 and we cannot wait to tell you about our new water soluble, ocean-safe poly bags. Launching soon, our new bags have been in development for over a year and represent a truly sustainable packaging choice. They are water soluble, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, breaking down harmlessly into non-toxic biomass in soil and sea.


Jack packing orders in the Finisterre warehouse