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Our Packaging

We’ve always been committed to finding the best packaging solutions possible. In 2019 we introduced our Leave No Trace garment bags, eliminating the last piece of non-degradable single-use plastic from our packaging. Building on this success, we’ve created a new mailer bag that does even more with fewer materials.

Leave No Trace Mailer Bags

Recyclable & Marine Safe.

Using 70% less paper than our old mailbags, this new packaging combines 100% recycled FSC certified lightweight paper with our water-soluble Leave No Trace material, to create a sturdy mail bag which can be safely added to your household paper recycling and dissolves in the pulping process of paper recycling.

A collaboration between ourselves, Aquapak and EP Group, lining our new mailbags with this material reduces bag weight by 50% while increasing paper strength by 44%, all with fewer materials. That means less resources used both in production and transportation.

Leave No Trace Garment Bags

Developed in partnership with Aquapak, our Leave No Trace material is water soluble, ocean safe and biodegradable, breaking down harmlessly to non-toxic biomass in soil and sea. An innovative solution using Aquapak’s hydropol technology, these garment bags protect your product and leave no trace behind.

Join Us – Open Source Packaging

We were incredibly proud to be the first clothing company in the world to use this packaging technology and we’re offering it open source to other brands who want to use it, because together we can make a bigger difference.

Get in touch to find out more at leavenotrace@finisterre.com.

mailbags are made from unbleached kraft pulp