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Noah has travelled extensively in his pursuit of waves, never staying put for more than a few years. Luckily for us he has shunned warmer shores and settled on the north west coast of Ireland. He is humble, lives simply, and seems to be one of those guys who has figured out what makes him tick, comfortable with the nomadic life he has chosen; and his surfing speaks for itself. We first met Noah on a month long camping trip to the North Coast in the midst of winter: after dark days, long nights, lots of camp building and many hours together finding strong connections, we knew that Noah was a man that we wanted to call an ambassador.


Fergal Smith is our man on the ground when it comes to sustainability, community and environmental change. Not to mention his surfing, which has seen him travel far and wide. A six-time Irish Open champion and the only man from the UK or Ireland to grace the covers of Stab, Surfer and Surfing magazines, Fergal quickly withdrew from the global game when he began to feel the impact that his career was having on the environment. Pulling away from sponsors and settling down on his native Irish coastline, Fergal now devotes his life to the small farm where he and his friends and family grow organic vegetables. Running for the Irish General Election earlier this year, Fergal puts the land he’s lived on first; but always makes some time for a session or two when the swell is on his side.

Easkey Britton

Although she comes from a renowned surfing pedigree, it is her intellect and her quest to learn that really defines Easkey. A scientist, an academic, she never runs with the masses and always forges her own path. More than at home in big seas, she’s ridden some of the biggest days in Ireland. No audience, no blue skies, no golden sands, just her and the crew she trusts, doing something she loves; conquering cold moving mountains. Pioneering positive social change through surfing, we’ve seen her do incredible things through her initiative Waves For Freedom. Travelling to far off lands where surfing once seemed a distant dream, she brings the sport alive, and always with it a different perspective.

Sandy Kerr

Growing up in the industrial heartland of the UK, Sandy Kerr’s native north easterly waters are a far cry from the warm shores of Australia and California. But that’s where he is most at home, surfing some of the country’s coldest and heaviest waves. Whether he’s scoring on home turf or getting lost at sea further afield, Sandy’s always got a smile on his face and a glint in his eye. At 25, he’s a promising newcomer with a bright future; we’re excited to be a part of his journey.

Sam Bleakley

An academic and former European champion, Sam lives with his family overlooking the shore of Lands End, riding a longboard with more elegance, flow and prowess than most dream of. Much like Easkey, Sam is happiest when he’s making an impact; be it travelling to war torn countries, teaching kids how to surf, or writing about living in the now and using surfing as a vessel to get there. We are forever learning from him.

Matt Smith

A sea gypsy of sorts, his movements are dictated by trade winds and swell patterns. Most at ease in cold seas or sailing the open ocean, the only thing consistent in his evenings is a clear view of the stars with the sea never more than a stone’s throw away. Managing our ambassador team, Matt leads with his heart, and always has his finger on the pulse when it comes to new talent. He’s been part of the Finisterre team for many moons now and has inspired a camaraderie that only comes from a deep understanding of the ways of the sea.



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