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Men's Traditional, Chunky Fishermans Jumpers

What is a Fisherman's Jumper?

Fisherman's Jumpers are an icon of British coastal clothing, thought to date back to the 1800s. Typically a very hardy, durable knitted sweater that prioritises warmth and weatherproof qualities, its original purpose was to be a highly functional garment to protect those at sea. Fisherman's Jumpers are sometimes knitted from untreated wool that retains natural oils for added insulation. Also known as Aran of Guernsey jumpers depending on where in the UK you are.

About Finisterre's Fisherman Jumpers:

• Our selection of men's and women's fisherman's jumpers are inspired by centuries of nautical tradition.

• Our designs are based on unique knitting patterns, handed down through generations of real Cornish fishermen to keep them warm against the raging elements at sea. 

• Each of our fisherman's jumpers is knitted from a sustainable and durable wool blend, which provides the best-in-class cosy comfort that is sure to make it the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

• Ranging from chunky ribbed cable knits to finer weave sweaters, you can either wear your fishermans jumper alone or layered under your coat to keep even the most bracing of coastal chills at bay.