The Broadcast / Field Report: I Have Tried In My Way To Be Free

Field Report: I Have Tried In My Way To Be Free

Freedom is a choice. A state of mind. A lifestyle. It's something you carve out, not stumble upon. Something we all seek, in our own ways...
Showcasing talented filmmakers and photographers, the Field Report tells stories of #WhereItTakesYou from our community around the world. In this instalment, shaper and surfer Josh Keogh explores how appreciating the time we have is central to embracing our own personal versions of freedom.


4 min read

Written by  Josh Keogh

Film & Images by Izrayl Brinsdon

Surf footage by Dave Fox

Sound Design by Thom Pringle

Intro ambience by 404 Zero 

Score by Alex Olson

Freedom is a subjective construct. Nobody is really free because, simply put, we are bound by the limitations and mortal nature of the human condition.

We judge our freedom or lack thereof, based purely on an internal dialogue and a view out at the world - a world we see only through our own eyes, and one that is totally unique and isolated to our own experience.

“It is my belief that freedom is not something that can simply be found. It must be sculpted. In the same way a sculptor with his hammer and chisel removes the unwanted material to reveal the artwork, we too must remove the material that no longer serves us, and ultimately find the freedom that lays dormant and hidden within.

The title, "I have tried in my own way to be free", are words from the late Leonard Cohen, written early in his career. I have read all of his books, listened to all of his songs, and it is my strong belief that he died with the hammer in his hand. Until his last breath, he was trying, in his way, to be free.

We are all going to die. It’s the only thing you can be truly sure of. Ever since I was young I have had an extremely strong sense of the finitude of existence. I think that being aware that your time is limited can be a really strong catalyst; to appreciate your time and endeavour, to live a more fulfilling life. Life should be cherished and every day you have that is free from pain or suffering is a blessing.

It's also one day closer to the end; so make the most of it and do the things that give you joy and meaning.


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