The Wetsuit Project

Breaking down barriers for anyone who wishes to enjoy the water, the Wetsuit Project is as an evergreen initiative that supports our diverse community of ocean lovers.

We work with our partners at Bodyline to adapt wetsuits – adding zips, gussets, shortening and sealing – to ease people’s entry to the water. We adapt any suit, for any age and any ability.

Our impact so far...

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Over our first ever Blue Friday weekend, we raised an incredible £14,120 for the Finisterre Foundation Wetsuit Project.

A connection to the sea can bring untold mental and physical health benefits, but for some there are barriers to accessing those benefits. The Wetsuit Project continues to work to adapt wetsuits for people of all ages, nationwide, to remove this barrier.

“The Foundation provided us with some awesome wetsuits that have been specially adapted, making it easier for surfers with less mobility.”

- Ian Bennett, Adaptive Surf Coordinater at The Wave Project

The Broadcast

The original inspiration behind our adaptive Wetsuit Project, we caught up with Andrew Birkett, to talk about the impact his story has had and how access to the water continues to give him freedom and respite.

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