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Innovation In BLOOM | Sustainable Footwear Solutions

Our collaboration with Vivobarefoot is based on an alignment of values, a commitment to reconnecting, whether to land or to the sea, and a drive to pioneer sustainable innovations and new technologies. The Vivo x Finisterre Ultra is the perfect representation of this meeting of values and sustainable innovation.


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The Ultra is an amphibious shoe made from BLOOM foam, a material developed to turn an environmental problem into a beneficial product. BLOOM is a high-performance foam which uses algae biomass as its base, the first sustainable alternative to petroleum-based EVA foams. The benefits of BLOOM don’t just stop at reducing the use of synthetic petrochemical foams. The process of creating the material is itself beneficial for the environment, cleaning and restoring waterways when harvested.

Benefits of Bloom

For every pair of Vivobarefoot x Finisterre Ultra shoes, 103.5 litres of clean water is returned to aquatic habitats. Each pair also removes about 25 balloons worth of C02 from the atmosphere, working directly to offset greenhouse gasses and helping to clean up waterways for the wildlife that calls them home.

Saving habitats

Algal blooms occur as a result of a combination of factors; a rapidly warming planet, increases in human activity, and excess nutrient run off from farming have all contributed to a rise in algal growth. Left unchecked they can cause serious problems for aquatic life.

The technique for producing BLOOM turns an abundant, renewable (yet non-edible) food-stock from a problem into a useful resource:

– As the algae grows it removes carbon from the atmosphere through, photosynthesises converting CO2 into oxygen.

– The water, laden with algae is then harvested into a tank and filtered thoroughly, separating the mix into clean water and a slurry of algae biomass.

– The clean water is returned to habitats, providing a better environment for the wildlife living there. The algae slurry is then refined, dried and turned into foam pellets, to be used in the making of the final product.

Made for water

The foam produced is perfect for use in the Ultra. It’s tough, durable and flexible, providing that signature barefoot feel and connecting your feet with the earth. Water-proof and fast draining, these are the ideal amphibious shoe for coastal adventures, as at home on the beach as on the trails, all whilst removing C02 from the atmosphere and returning clean water to habitats.

Truly, made for life where land meets sea.


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