A New Blueprint For Denim

Traditional production methods include using unsustainable quantities of water, chemical pesticides and harmful heavy metals - consuming precious resources and polluting water sources.

We believe there is a better way.

What is denim?

Dating back to the late 19th century, denim is an ultra strong cotton fabric made using a weave of 'warp' (lengthwise) and a 'weft' (crosswise) yarns. Typically, the warp is dyed blue, while the weft is left undyed.

The combination of the dying process and the growth of the cotton required to make denim is what makes the production process so water intensive, hence why we opt for organic cotton only for our denim jeans.

Where does denim come from?

Our premium denim clothing is crafted in Blackburn in the UK, by Cookson & Clegg. Founded in 1860, C&C were a major supplier of military clothing to the British Army and in recent years have gone on to create a business that offers a contemporary, high quality service, specialising in denim and outerwear. We work with their dedicated, highly skilled makers to elevate the humble jean into an innovative product that is built to last.

Sustainable impact

Our denim range reduces its environmental impact on multiple fronts:

1. We only use Organic Cotton
We only use organic cotton to make our jeans, requiring 71% less water to grow than standard cotton and no chemical pesticides. Our factory partners go to great lengths to reduce their impact: air drying jeans to save electricity, separating dye-stuff and baking it into bricks for building projects, as well as recycling 100% of their water, keeping rivers clean.

2. Denim built to last
We pride ourselves on the durability of our denim. When you buy a pair of jeans from us, we expect you to have them for a long, long time. So we build them accordingly; adventure-ready jeans that will stand up to the toughest tests, wherever you choose to go in them.

3. The right fit
We know what our customers like, and we stick to it. That’s why you won’t find hundreds of different styles and fits in our range. Just durable jeans, in comfortable classic fits, designed to be the perfect companion on your adventures.

Benefits of Organic Cotton Denim

Finisterre Organic Cotton Jeans and Denim everyday wear are all:

- Hardy and fully reinforced
- Structured yet flexible
- Colour-retaining (so long as washed with care)

How to care for organic cotton denim

- Machine Wash At 30
- Wash Inside Out
- Gentle Cycle
- Wash With Similar Colours
- Dark Colours May Transfer When Damp
- Do Not Bleach
- Do Not Tumble Dry
- Cool Iron