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EP 13. Bella Collins – Eat, Sleep, Row, Repeat

Bella Collins is one part of the incredible Ocean Sheroes, an all-woman rowing crew who raced 2,400 hard nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean last year in world record attempt.



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Setting off from San Francisco and finishing at Hawaii’s Waikiki harbour as part of the gruelling, unsupported, BONKERS Great Pacific Race.

Hailing from Essex way, Bella now calls Cornwall home working for the pioneering packaging experts, Flexi-Hex. As such, Bella joined us at the workshops a couple of weeks back to rally the Finisterre troops into action in way of January morale booster - applying the theory of strength, resilience, and teamwork of an ocean row, to business.

We speak on the mental fortitude required for such a race. Understanding and playing to the strengths and weaknesses of the team around you. Squeaky bum moments in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the importance of remaining present in each moment of an experience like this.


Atlantic Vs Pacific crossing

Sibling rivalry

Self-sufficient crossing

The Talisker Challenge

Simplicity of life at sea

Waikiki, Hawaii

The 3 P’s – Positivity,
People, Planet

Making decisions under

Importance of setting goals…

- Finish the race healthy and safely

- Finish the race better friends that when started

- World Record

X2 world records

60 people across the pacific
to date

More people have been to

More people have wintered at
the south pole

More people have summitted

Red light / Green light
support theory

Surfing ocean swell

Trust in your equipment

Respect for mother nature and the power of the ocean


Sea Bin Project

Ocean Plastic Pollution

Flexi-Hex – Sustainable
packaging solutions https://www.flexi-hex.com/

Ordinary people doing
extraordinary things

Saying YES more

Personal and career development
through adventure / making yourself stand out

Stepping out of your comfort

Perseverance and consistency

14 Peaks film


Angus Collins

Ben Fogel

James Cracknell

Purusha Gordon

Mary Sutherland

Lily Lower