The Spirit Of Summer

After borders had begun to open and connections were tentatively being re-made, we took a trip to the Baja Peninsula, to check in with old friends and to make new ones.

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We started in Todos Santos where Ivonne showed us around her adopted home, a fishing village nestled between the central Baja mountains and the pacific, witness to the poise of the pelicans and glimpses of passing whales. We were joined by sailor and scientist Michelle Layton, familiar with the surrounding waters thanks to many voyages south from her home in Oceanside, Southern California, and Diego who had come north from his hometown of Sayulita.

“The ocean has always been a place of peace and inspiration to me. It is my daily playground and it is home. It is also a constant reminder to do my part in protecting the things I love”

Christina Eldredge

Beth and Paul passed through town on their way from the US to mainland Mexico, via a 3 month stop beside perfect pointbreaks in the Baja desert. They filled up water tanks and took advantage of rare wifi and warm showers, told us stories of reeling waves. Later we travelled north to San Diego and met with Hudson and Christina, who were camping by the beach in their old Toyota. Life was back to normal, but it felt like a new normal. A normal where less things were taken for granted, where our struggling Mother Earth could retake centre stage.

“To me the sea is the epitome of harmony within nature that I live to experience. As they say home is where the heart is, my heart is with the ocean”

Michelle Bautista Layton

“From the misty morning salty breeze to the hot summer evening reflections. I’ve shared my whole life with the sea and feel ever so grateful that it has shared its time with me.”

Hudson Ritchie

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