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After an incredible response, we’ve hit our target and our wetsuit take-back window is now closed. We now move onto the next phase, turning your old wetsuits into new cold-water gear.

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Globally, an estimated 8,380 tonnes of old wetsuits end up in landfill each year. Due to their complex material structure they have been almost impossible to recycle, until now.

For the next phase of our Wetsuits from Wetsuits programme we teamed up with Circular Flow to launch an innovative closed-loop recycling scheme, and we’re proud to be the first brand to partner with Circular Flow on this exciting new technology.

Throughout June, we collected old wetsuits and, with their help, we’ll transform them into new ocean-based accessories, taking a step closer to achieving our goal of a fully circular wetsuit. After hitting our wetsuits target, the take-back window has now closed.

The Story So Far...

In 2017, we launched our Wetsuits from Wetsuits programme with the sole intention of introducing circularity to the wetsuit industry.

A notoriously dirty product to make with no clear end of life solution, we knew we had to challenge the industry and do something about it. However, as we dove deeper realised that the complex make up of a wetsuit would make this problem anything but simple to solve.

Alongside this project we also invested significant research and development into clean alternatives to neoprene. Our whole wetsuit range has now been converted to Yulex Pure®, a natural and renewable source of rubber that produces 80% less carbon dioxide and uses ten times less water in production than traditional neoprene. Yet, despite switching to lower impact materials being a step in the right direction, it still did not solve the ultimate end-of-life problem.

Tom Kay, Founder of Finisterre

“There have been great advances in eco wetsuits and the search for alternatives to petroleum-based neoprene, but the real elephant in the room for the water-sports industry is what to do with a wetsuit at the end of its functional life.”

Photo: Runawave & Innovation Norway

Photo: Runawave & Innovation Norway

Circular Flow + Finisterre

Globally, the vast majority of wetsuits are still being made from finite non-renewable rubber or limestone resources, the production of which creates high levels of pollution dangerous to wildlife and people.

Neoprene is not currently recycled on a large scale: millions of wetsuits end up in landfill where they are incinerated, leading to huge amounts of carbon emissions; this ultimately pollutes our environment and the oceans we love. 

With this in mind, we are working with neoprene recycling experts Circular Flow to launch an innovative 100% closed-loop recyclable neoprene partnership.

Over the past six years Circular Flow has developed new technology and manufacturing processes that bonds the particles from the shredded wetsuits without removing the textile laminate. This enables them to process 100% of the returned neoprene items and produce a stable and durable recycled material that can be used to manufacture a wide range of new products. Every component of the suits is recycled, including zips and plastic elements, so that no waste is generated.

"We're excited to partner with Finisterre to create these great products made of the ground-breaking recycled neoprene, to be used on fresh ocean adventures."

Georgi Marinov, Director at Circular Flow

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