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A Business With Purpose, Since 2003

“At the heart of what we do is a purpose. A deep belief. That we can make truly exceptional products in a more responsible and sustainable way.

Tom Kay, Finisterre Founder

As human beings, we protect what we love. But we must first experience something to truly love it. We believe that if people have a closer relationship with the sea, they will be healthier as individuals and will come to love it, becoming inspired active guardians of our oceans. Our purpose has always been to encourage a deeper connection to the sea, and our products are built to inspire and enable this relationship; from our very first technical fleece, designed to warm cold bodies emerging from the waves, to working with innovative recycling pioneers – aiming to become the first company to make new wetsuits from old ones.

Our clear purpose and guiding commitments to product, environment and people, are what have made Finisterre the brand that it is, still guiding everything that we do to this day. It’s what we’ve committed to for 16 years, often at great cost, but we believe it’s worth it to grow in the right way and stay true to our principles.

Using business as a force for good

In 2018 we became a B-Corp certified business, meaning we have been independently verified to the highest level of accountability, transparency and sustainability. We were the first outdoor clothing company in the UK to become certified and one of only a handful globally. We believe that business can and should be a driving force for positive change, and the B-Corp movement embodies this with its mission statement; using business as a force for good. Being a B-Corp also means we are legally and morally committed to prioritising our responsibility to the environment and to society. It’s a philosophy that feeds into everything we do, from our material sourcing and manufacturing practices to innovative projects that push the boundaries of our industry.


Garment Bags that Leave No Trace

In October 2019, we launched our Leave No Trace garment bags. An industry first, these new plastic bags are water soluble, recyclable, biodegradable and break down harmlessly into non-toxic biomass in soil and sea. It took us just over a year to develop them with our partner Aquapak and even though they cost almost twice as much as a standard garment bag, we felt that it was a price worth paying to eliminate the final piece of single-use, non-degradable plastic from our packaging.

Making Wetsuits from Wetsuits

Back in 2017 we hired the world’s first (and we think only) full-time wetsuit recycler with the aim to do something that had never been done – make new wetsuits out of old ones. After two years, we’ve made great progress; working with industry to pioneer ways to recycle old suits and redesigning wetsuit construction, creating a prototype that can be easily recycled at the end of its life.

Lived & Loved Repairs Service

We have always believed that the best products are the ones that last the longest and we would much rather breathe new life into one of our old products than add them to landfill. That’s exactly why we started our Lived and Loved repairs programme in 2008 – giving your old favourites a new lease of life and helping reduce overall waste and consumption. Since then we've repaired over 6,500 products, saving them from landfill to have more adventures with their owners.

British Merino from The Bowmont Project

Back in 2005 we started our search for a British Merino supply chain, to bring our manufacturing closer to home. It led us to Devon shepherdess Lesley Prior, guardian of the last twenty-eight Bowmont merino sheep on the planet; a breed capable of producing a fine Merino wool but with the hardiness to survive the British climate. Exclusive to Finisterre the flock now numbers over 300 sheep and is a testament to our love of wool and British manufacturing.

Transparency in Fabrics & Factories

Every decision made throughout our supply chain, from our fabric selection to factory partners, is carefully considered so that we’re making the best products we can with the least impact possible, and we endeavour to communicate all of these decisions to our customers.

- We only use organic cotton, requiring 71% less water, 62% less energy and no harmful chemical pesticides to grow.

- We've recycled 2.1 million plastic bottles for use in our products since 2005.

- Our factory partners are pioneers in sustainable and vertical manufacturing, using innovative methods to cut consumption.

- We have an independently audited and transparent supply chain, now free of single use plastics. Head over to our transparency hub and read for yourself.

Sticking to our Purpose

Sustainability has been in our DNA since the very beginning. As society wakes up to the environmental crisis we have created for ourselves, we believe it’s more important than ever for us to stick to our founding principles; seeking out sustainable innovations, less impactful manufacturing methods and continuing to build a business with purpose.

So, whenever you shop with us you can be confident we’ve considered every detail. From product, to environment, to people.


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