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City to Surf with Portia Ferrari

Portia Ferrari: A City Girl Who Surfs

The sea means many things to many people. Living in the heart of a city, it's often easy to forget about the natural world, but it's always closer than you think. For Portia Ferrari, a relationship with the sea goes hand in hand with her lifestyle - taking her from the city to the shoreline.


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Interview Transcript

I love the energy that the city brings. I like to feel like sometimes in the midst of chaos because it keeps me going it keeps me kinda focused on the things that I want to do and achieve.

I know in the city it can be difficult to stay connected...

Whenever I go back to the ocean it always reminds me of that same sort of power and feeling of something bigger than you and remembering to connect to that.

When I’m walking into the ocean, it always makes me wanna... take in a breath because it feels like I’m resetting myself. The first time I actually stood up and surfed a wave, it actually feels like I am connected fully to the ocean.

When you’re scared you just have to trust and just go with it. I feel like when you just surrender to something that’s more powerful for you and go with the flow, you kinda like become that power in a way.


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