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Made in London

Our shirts have been designed with fit, durability and quality in mind, using the best performing textiles, and our newest shirt duo have been made by skilled craftsmen in London and we are proud to be part of the new wave and future of British manufacturing.

This year we have been working with North London based shirt factory, WhiteHart.


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Established in 2012 from a desire to bring back high quality manufacturing to the UK they have sourced, restored and shipped vintage Union Specials and Japanese Juki shirt machinery from Asia, to create a production line that can produce shirts of a quality previously not available in the UK.

The new and innovative tailoring specialists craft a shirt using a fresh approach, putting aside pre-conceived notions of what can and cannot be considered correct within traditional shirting, but looking to the future rather than just to heritage. We felt that they were the perfect people to produce our newest range of shirts.

We designed the Marwick Shirt to last, made from one of the finest corduroys we could get our hands on, the original workwear fabric - durable and soft. We worked with WhiteHart to develop the pattern and high spec production of the Marwick Shirt for this Winter’s collection.

The Domus Shirt was also produced by WhiteHart in London.

A weighty 100% Merino wool shirt, with tough, weather resistant cotton reinforced shoulders and trims. The Merino wool keeps you warm when cold and cool when warm, it’s moisture-wicking, breathable, antibacterial, and odour-resistant, plus it doesn’t look like it should do any of that, as it’s neatly wrapped up in a versatile shirt for this winter's CWS line, made from guaranteed mulesing-free Australian Merino, woven in Japan and manufactured in London.


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