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The Sea To Me | George Karbus


From filming giant Humpback Whales feeding with Orcas in the arctic circle, to documenting the resident dolphin of his local bay; George’s experiences in the sea have shaped his career, the life he leads and the person he has become.


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Interview transcript

My name is George Karbus, I live in Lahinch, on the west coast of Ireland, and I'm a wild ocean photographer.

You learn so many lessons in the sea; as a surfer, as a free diver with big animals... I think it's one of the most powerful and magical elements on our planet.

You have days when you're not connected with the water. You can sometimes feel it, like when you start swimming. And sometimes you're so connected, you feel every stroke.

There's been many beautiful experiences over the last 15 years. I think the most powerful one would be giant humpback whales feeding right in front of your face, with Orcas together... That was in the arctic circle.

That's something that i will never forget. That was the experience when i learned how small we are. It was a life-changer for me, definitely. I'd say, those biggest life lessons would be to be patient. Wait for your chance and it will come.

We learn so much meeting animals; how to approach animals, how to be patient, how to read their body language.

It's amazing that the ocean basically changed my entire life and my entire approach to life. Basically, the last 15 years, those experiences by the sea have shaped me into a different human, a different person, and i'm so grateful for that.


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