Transpacific (Far East) Ltd

Transpacific (Far East) Ltd. was founded by Alex Tunik in 1993. The company is 50% shareholder in Transpacific (Ganzhou) Apparel Ltd. where the Finisterre garments are manufactured. Specialising in outerwear and men’s swimwear, Transpacific are committed to sustainability and the use of recycled fabrics.


Jackets, Swimwear, Trousers, Shorts

Tier 1 Factory - Transpacific (Ganzhou) Apparel Ltd

Factory Location

Jiangxi Sheng, China


Privately Owned



Last Audit

SMETA V 6.1 24/09/21, amfori BSCI 30/11/21

Made by: Transpacific

Men's Rainbird Waterproof Jacket

Men's Rainbird Waterproof Jacket