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EP 21. Lucas Beaufort

Gus Gus & Friends

In celebration of his work and creative output, we had Lucas down in Cornwall with us back in July - a few days on the cliff with the Finisterre crew and the rest of the thriving Cornish creative crowd.



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hell or high water episode 21
Episode 21
Lucas Beaufort

Lucas Beaufort

a self-described dreamer, living in a world surrounded by beautiful monsters, lucas’ distinctive artwork explores the connections mirroring his own affinity with the world and people around him. From his interwoven net-like murals to ‘gus gus’, the playful character who wanders the world experiencing all without seeing or judging, we worked closely with lucas to adorn the range with bespoke designs, exclusive to the collaboration.

We hosted one of Lucas’ inspired art camps, inviting a host of local art-smiths to put brush to canvas to beautiful effect. All topped off nicely with a bit of a knees up, a glass of savvy b and some pétanque - a big thanks to all who came by and revelled in the art and counter culture with us.

"I had to hustle - I’m a good artist, everyone is going to knock on my door - that’s bullshit! You have to come with your balls and be like ‘lets work together’. Try to stay positive."

Lucas Beaufort

Lucas Beaufort paining at finisterre HQ


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