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Beyond The Noise | On The Road

Claiming the award for Best Cinematography at this years London Surf Film Festival at its first outing and world premiere, it was apparent early on that Beyond the Noise was and is far more than a surf film. To say so would not only be an injustice to the 10 plus musicians who (with some very dark references) scored the entrancing and unpredictable sound, but also to the vision and direction of one of surfings more inspired filmmakers.


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Photographs by Yehya Al-Hafidh & Jack Abbott

Taking to the road and leaving the bright lights of Regent St in the rearview, Director Andrew Kaineder and Finisterre Ambassador, Noah Lane hit our UK stores for a run of intimate screenings. With enough sea salted popcorn to do the rounds and shoulder to shoulder turn-outs, stores filled with appreciators of surf, film and sound the country over.

With more than just unparalleled barrel riding on offer, here is a film that begs your viewing attention with the volume turned up to 11. A welcome assault on the senses and a picture that will long stand the test of cinematic time, Beyond The Noise carries a note far beyond the immediate realms of surf with an underlying message that runs all too deep.

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