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‘How Often Do You Guys Surf?’

I often get asked this question and the honest answer is as often as we can, but not all the time.


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It’s an important part of what we do and why I started Finisterre. As well as building great product, backed by a strong brand with the right values, it was also about a good place for people to work and achieve. It’s obviously helped by the fact that we’re perched on top of a cliff 800m from the sea, so getting in there is something I encourage and is to be appreciated.

And you know what, despite what you think or see on Instagram, it’s not often 4ft and perfect with nobody out.

For me it’s often about getting in and clearing the head. It might be surfing with a bunch of us, surfing on my own, a sunset, a feathering peak in an offshore wind, the wildness of an onshore days, a diving gannet, opening your eyes on a summer duck dive. And every now and then, it is 4ft and perfect.

There is a lot going here and i’m surrounded by passionate people with a real sense of purpose, but it’s up to people to manage their own time.

For me testament to this is the fact that the same board and wetsuit rack that I built (badly) when we moved in are still by the door.

Tom Kay


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