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The Sea To Me | Ria Mondo

Ria Mondo, Free surfer

Hailing from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, the sea has always had a role in Ria’s life. Fuelled by her constant curiosity she travels extensively to surf, learn and gain new experiences, enjoying the freedom to explore and the different perspectives it gives her.


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Written by Chris Betty

Image by Maeva Cushla


Interview Transcript

I’m Ria Mondo, I longboard and I’m from Lisbon, Portugal.

The sea for me has so many different faces. I think the sea is a bit of a master; there’s always something new to learn, there’s always something new to play with. It’s just amazing how you can love something that’s never static.

Our oceans are dying. I don’t think they realise to what extent it affect us. It just really goes back to what us as individuals are doing. As everyone discusses, you know, we like to put the responsibility onto the big people. You know, if seven billion people… if we’re not accepting the plastic bags, who’s going to make them? They’re not going to make it for anyone.

I think surfers or anyone that’s involved with the sea is very lucky. It’s one of the few spots, at least for me, that you just go and everything disappears. There’s not one problem in your mind, it’s just peacefulness. It’s special to be connected to such a big force of nature.


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