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What Is Sea7?

Discover the latest Sea7 Ocean Activist Masterclasses
In response to global leaders attending the G7 summit in Cornwall, Finisterre will be hosting Sea7; an online ocean activist training camp.
Streamed live from our cliff-top Workshop on June 10th, we’re bringing together leading activists, scientists and change makers to equip you, our community, with the tools and knowledge to stand up and protect our ocean.


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Activism comes in all shapes and sizes; from protesters with placards to pressure placed through tweets, peaceful sit-ins to fast-moving digital campaigns that deliver change through collective action. We are all potential activists. The only difference between an activist and everybody else is action.

Right now, the ocean needs your action more than ever. Half the oxygen we breathe comes from the sea, so safeguarding the future of our ocean is paramount to the survival of our species. If you want to do more to protect it, if you’ve always wanted to help but didn’t know where to start, or even if you haven’t, but you know the importance of what’s at stake, Sea7 is for you.

Why Finisterre? Why Now?

The climate crisis is mounting, and a healthy ocean is integral to a healthy planet. It doesn’t matter where you are or how you live. From businessmen to bartenders, surfers to city slickers – it affects us all. As we enter the UN Decade for the Ocean, there is still hope to turn the tide, but we all need to act now.

We’ve always built sustainable, fit-for-purpose product to enable people to get outside and connect with the ocean. That connection is different for everyone, but whatever form it takes, with it comes passion. You can’t care deeply about something that you do not know. So, by bridging that gap we aim to inspire a whole generation of activists to protect the playground we love.

Sea7 is the next step in that journey of connection. Over the years we have met some incredible people; scientists, artists, activists, poets and policy makers. We’ve become leaders in sustainable product and are working to clean up our industry. Now, we want to pass on those connections and knowledge to our community. We want to share what we’ve learned (and are still learning) and inspire you as we’ve been inspired, by those at the forefront of the climate crisis. Because there is hope. And together, we believe we can create real change.

How will Sea7 2021 work?

The event will consist of a series of workshops and discussions which you can sign up to via our registration page, but we don’t want this to be just another talk series. We want to inspire real action, so we've designed the event with three phases that represent the journey of becoming an ocean activist.

1. Immerse

The first step is learning. To grasp the full extent of the problem, we need to understand the importance of our ocean & just how vital it is when it comes to climate change. But deepening our connection to nature is also fundamental when it comes to being an effective activist. That's why we've built Sea7 in audio as well as video, so you can choose to step away from your screen, plug your headphones in and head outside to connect with nature while you engage with the event.

2. Align

The more we learn the more we realise there is to learn, so the next phase is about choosing your lane. We'll be exploring seven key themes in ocean activism and helping you decide which issue you're most connected to and how best to apply your skillset and passion to the cause.

3. Connect

Once you know which direction you're headed, it's time to connect with the incredible people, organisations and communities who are leading the way. We'll make sure you know who to talk to, how to get involved and how best to get started. Our speakers & hosts will share all the resources you need to take action & inspire the activist in everyone.

We are all connected to the sea, even if we think we’re not; from coastal villages to landlocked cityscapes. Every river, every stream, every drop of rain from the sky is part of this complex and interwoven system. When we live in harmony with nature, we thrive. But if we continue to neglect and abuse it, our own future looks much less certain.

We have the tools. We have the knowledge. We can solve this problem together. All that’s missing is you. Join us.


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