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EP 15. Bonnie Tsui

Why We Swim / Why We Surf

So sliding right into our conversation… here we go. Episode 15 with Bonnie Tsui - Why We Swim / Why We Surf



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hell or high water episode 15 with bonnie tsui
Why We Swim / Why We Surf
Bonnie Tsui

Moving from San Francisco down to San Diego through some of the countries most epic coastal communities..

..we caught up with cold water swimmers, ocean activists, big wave pioneers and more as we looked to bring you more stories from the sea to inspire and protect what we love.

As we touched down in San Fran, we took no time at all in getting in the cold waters of the Bay Area. There wasn’t a better person to show us the local spots than the incredible Bonnie Tsui (Soy) - swimmer, surfer, mother and author of the fascinating book, Why We Swim.

We spoke with Bonnie..

..on her introduction to the life altering practice of ocean swimming, her journey to becoming a surfer, water and wellbeing, the ongoing issues of inequality and access to swimming and how getting in the sea can even cure stupidity!

“Everyone there is very accepting of whatever your comfort level is with swimming in the water, but you are strongly encouraged to be just in your birthday suit and a bit of lycra.”

Bonnie Tsui


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