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EP 20. Bonnie Wright

Going Gently

A strong connection to the ocean, growing up between London and the south coast of England. Harry Potter series. What we can all do in our day to day lives. Climate anxiety. Def.



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hell or high water episode 20. Bonnie Wright
Bonnie Wright

An inspiring and approachable tip-filled guide to changing your habits, living more sustainably, and taking action, by Greenpeace ambassador Bonnie Wright.

In Go Gently, Bonnie won’t tell you to overhaul your life. Instead, she’ll meet you where you are, offering a crash course in climate-related issues along with practical tips, skills, and recipes that can start you on your own best path. She’ll show you that small things like educating yourself on which materials can be recycled, and how learning to mend your clothes instead of throwing them away or turning your coffee grounds into an incredible exfoliating scrub, will naturally lead to big-picture thinking and living.

“That beautiful mix of anger but also compassion and hope. This fire that you have in you, but also this softness you have to have if you are going to commit to this campaigning in the long term. You can’t be someone who loses hope”

Bonnie Wright


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