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What you ride during the summer months can be essential... Here is Matt Smiths summer quiver and a little description for each ride he has chosen.


From left to right...

6’7 Tracker from John Eldridge - I would be turfing this board from 2 - 8 foot waves that were mostly long and and fast a point break would be perfect. Early performance surfing with a 7-9’ Single fin. I met John Eldridge at the CUFA premier and we talked about a board. This is it.


6’0 Art of Trim from Luke Hart - A board for every condition but will be at it's finest when its above 4ft and barrelling.  I have worked with Harty for a few years, I love his approach to shaping boards and his passion for people getting barrelled on them. He’s young, handsome and cares about surfers getting barrelled on his boards.


5’10 Struder from Luke Struder based in Bail. This board has never really let me down and have some amazing barrels on it. the drawn in tail and buoyancy means I get in early try and stay high and then let go. This board was made so I could learn about how to surf a older style of board about 5 years ago, I was supposed to do some stunt work on a film about Pablo Escobar but it didn’t work out, have been in love with SF’s since. Thanks Pablo.


5’10 Fourth from Luke Hart - Its great to have a load of different boards but also a shortboard in there too, when you're feeling like Kelly. It goes great in any wave thats mellow up to about 6/7ft then I would think about stepping up, or if the waves were super hollow.


5’10 Bonzer from Bruce Hansel, it was his first bonzer and he made it for me to take to the river wave in Sumatra, it goes best with a smaller fin, (6’) but the waves need to be steep for her to move. It wasn’t the best board for the river.


5’8 Twin Fin Matt Smith x Finisterre. The first board I have ever shaped! I am very grateful to TDH surfboards for the all of the advice and time they gave me. I surfed it for the first time today and it paddles good and goes fast.


5’8 Art of Trim from Luke Hart. Twin and thruster set up, loads of volume, so perfect for summer. Think the design is based on a fourth butsey.


5’6 Fourth from Luke Hart chop tail / Stoker. My style on this board is super funky but I love the feeling on it. So fast and responsive. I think I am a little bulky for it to look good but it feels great.


- Matt Smith

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