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Single Use Is No Use | Hugo Tagholm On Plastic Pollution

With surf on our doorstep, a history steeped in a love of the sea and our good friends Surfers Against Sewage just across the road from our workshop, it's safe to say we are invested in how our oceans are treated. Having just launched our c

Always Have, Always Will | Product, Environment, People

Our Three Points Of Commitment - A Note From Founder Tom Kay It’s been fourteen years since I set out to build a brand based on my beliefs. Beliefs of making better product and a better way of being as a business. I wasn’t a designer or a

Introducing The Finisterre Fabric Use-Up Project

  Statistics say that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish come 2050. We’ve seen radical organisations like SAS and Parley For The Oceans campaigning to combat this; but it’s a problem that is far from resolved. Sustainability

Lived And Loved: Meet The Finisterre Repairs Team

THE STITCH SISTERS Step into the Finisterre workshop and head up the stairs and you’ll hear the gentle hum of a sewing machine run by the deft hands of repairs whizz Annie. Now joined by her sister Pip who is at the helm in our new Bristol

Guardians Of The Sea | Mike Long

"No one wakes up and says "I want to pollute the ocean today". People want to be aware and mindful. We as brands, innovators, designers must give them this opportunity by making products, materials that are not harmful, last longer, and su

Finisterre's Commitment To Going Fluorocarbon Free

Looking at alternative solutions to environmental problems is something we are always trying to do. Over the past few years, we've been looking into alternative waterproof finishes for our outerwear, without the use of nasty long-chain flu

Q&A With Product Director Debbie On Microplastics

We’re always keeping our ears to the ground when it comes to running our business in the most sustainable way possible, from the materials we use in our products to how we serve our coffee in our stores.Microplastics are our radar. Product

Why Wool?

It’s no secret that we love wool. It’s one of the oldest fibres in the world, durable and functional, not to mention naturally occurring. You’ll find it in all corners of the Finisterre range, from our knits to our Merino wool base layers.

Lesley Prior On Our Bowmont Merino Flock

Back in 2005, we made a unanimous decision to place wool at the centre of our fabric development. One of the oldest natural fibres known to man, its functional properties are well known and it’s why you’ll find it throughout much of our ra

Our Repairs Service

WE WOULD MUCH RATHER BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO AN OLD JACKET THAN ADD IT TO LANDFILL REPAIR AND REFRESHIt’s key to reducing our impact on this beautiful blue marble we live on. We are fortunate enough to have the skills of Annie, a wizard w

Guardians Of The Sea | Hugo Tagholm

HUGO TAGHOLM  CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF SURFERS AGAINST SEWAGE "The great thing here is that we all share the common deep blue thrill of the ocean; we’re surfers, we’re environmentalists, we’re marine fanatics, so everyone here shares that pass

Econyl | Net Gains

The oceans of the world are currently the unhappy home to around 640,000 tons of discarded nylon fishing nets. Not only is nylon non-biodegradable, so will end up snaring marine life for years to come, its manufacturing is also a highly po

Bowmont | The Story So Far

Back in 2005, we made a unanimous decision to place wool at the centre of our fabric development. One of the oldest natural fibres known to man, its functional properties are well known and it’s why you’ll find it throughout much of our r


Fergal's recent contest in the General Election as a candidate for the Green Party caught the attention of the global surf media. We were proud to watch our ambassador and good friend take the things he cares about so deeply and inspire pe


We think carefully about the projects we support, we are a small business so it's essential. But when Surfers Against Sewage told us they were bringing together the world’s leading enviro-surf NGOs, grassroots activists, environmentalists


We feel really lucky to have these guys doing their thing across the workshop from us. The 10th May officially marked Surfers Against Sewage’s 25thanniversary, providing them with a great opportunity to reflect on past achievements, but m


We have just shorn our sheep. Shearing in winter? Are you mad? Surely the sheep will be cold? I can hear you say. Well, actually, no. They’re not. We use special “cold weather” cutters which leave a few mm of wool behind so they don’t get


Lambing Season: Photo update A trip up to Devon to visit the newly born Bowmont lambs. Finisterre at Westcott Farm You would look pretty tired after triplets too... The farm doesn't just hold sheep... 5 days old. Kid Debbie and a

Resurrecting A British Sheep Breed

Here be sheep From time-to-time, I give talks about Finisterre; the beginnings in my bedroom 10 years ago, how it began, why it started what we believe in as a cold-water surf brand. Some of it has been heard before, some of it not. One o


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