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Dancing in Dakar | Luke Pilbeam

This time in 2019, we'd just returned from our trip to West Africa, exploring the saltwaters of Senegal... 
During the trip there was a special moment of magic no one expected, captured in an edit created during the UK's first national lockdown by Finisterre stalwart and filmmaker, Luke Pilbeam. So sit back, relax and enjoy a mind-surf in stunning Senegal. 



"When we choose our creative crew, we look for a passion and dedication outside of the purely commercial. Talented people who express what we stand for and share our creative vision for the brand. Luke is one of those people and here we see a testament to that ethos. A film made on that day in Senegal."

David Gray, Finisterre's Head of Creative
Film by Luke Pilbeam
Featuring Noah Lane & Jack Johns



I love the “Dancing in Dakar” short film. I wish that the children could join them and learn from them. There is a group of surfers in Rio de Janeiro who founded the Surf Association of Rocinha (ASR) to change perceptions and inspire the next generation to care about the ocean. Perhaps I am asking too much of you guys! :-) Here is the National Geographic short film:
I love your clothing brand and team. Thank you for making such beautiful and inspiring videos.

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