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Wild Swimming, Wild Adventures.

After two long years of absence, Swim Collective have dived in to resurrect some of the finest swim challenges in the UK. At Finisterre, we're proud to be supporting the events, with the return of the Dart 10k, the Bantham Swoosh, and all-new Bantham Boomerang.


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Words & Images courtesy of Swim Collective

Swim Collective brings us some of the most beautiful stretches of river in the UK. Imagine water so clear you can see right to the riverbed; the thrill as you're propelled four times your swimming speed, surrendering yourself at will to the tide. All this awaits our wild swimmers, at Swim Collective’s bucket list series of wild swimming events.

After a two-year break, we're excited to bring back some of the finest river swim challenges in the UK: Dart 10k, Swoosh and the all-new Bantham Boomerang. As a long-standing charity partner since 2015, we're taking the reins from the Outdoor Swimming Society and working in partnership with Finisterre to ensure they remain iconic for years to come.

Finisterre and Swim Collective is a natural partnership, we both share a love of the water and are big believers that the best events are those we share. Together we provide a place where we can all unite in our passion for water and share the power of swimming. Our adventures take you on a journey, helping people connect to themselves, their environment and to each other.

Together, we want to help everyone have the opportunity to swim and fall in love with the water. All of the profits raised from our events are donated to Level Water, to provide one-to-one swimming lessons for children with disabilities. Our ultimate goal is to simply kickstart a passion for swimming.

Wild swimming has seen a huge surge in popularity over the last few years. Largely driven by Covid lockdowns, pool closures and travel restrictions, swimmers have looked closer to home and have taken to the great outdoors. We're proud of our efforts and we celebrate the inclusive nature and community spirit our events provide. There are opportunities for everyone and we invite both new and seasoned swimmers to join us in the water.

Happy swimmers after completing the Dart 10

To join Finisterre and Swim Collective this summer, there are still a few tickets available to our iconic swims:

Dart 10k is the first and finest 10k swim on the calendar. Historically an initiation into the “serious outdoor swimmers” club, it is swimming’s version of the London Marathon and offers a great connection to nature and a festival atmosphere at the finish. A journey – not a race – the popular Dart 10k is noted for its spirit of inclusion and sense of community and is a sellout event each year.

Join us for the brand new Bantham Boomerang in its discovery year. Boomerang is an exhilarating dusk lit adventure and your ultimate connection to the ebbs and flows of the sea. Starting from Bantham Beach, you'll swim upriver with an incoming tide pushing you faster than an Olympic swimmer. As you feel the tide slow and turn around, you turn too. On the downstream swim you'll feel the outgoing tide accelerating with you as you swim, helping you back down to the finish for a well-earned sunset BBQ on the beach.

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of Level Water and there has never been a better time to dive into swimming. We still have a few remaining tickets for the Boomerang and Dart 10k.

For more information and to take part visit


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