The Broadcast / Closing The Circle: A Story By Dougal Paterson

Closing The Circle: A Story By Dougal Paterson

Cold water, heavy waves, and shark infested waters... Growing up in front of two of South Africa's most infamous big waves breeds a special kind of surfer. From a deep personal loss, to becoming a teacher and mentor to the next generation, Dougal Paterson tells his story of Closing the Circle.


4 min read

A story by Dougal Paterson featuring Fabian Camagnolo, Kaisea Button and Dougal himself.

Camera: James Lowe

Editor: Brett Shaw

Skipper: Nick Bothma

“This is a story about the power of mentoring which plays out against the backdrop of Africa’s most dangerous wave. I lost a brother several years back, so this film is a kind of a tribute to what could have been.

I crafted this story with the help of my friend James (who shot most of the footage.) He helped me to articulate something that I hadn’t quite been able to admit to myself...”

- Dougal


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