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Introducing Our Selvedge Denim

There’s a reason why Japanese denim is hailed as the best in the world: incomparable quality that can only come from a culture which champions purpose-led design and craft, from ancient traditions to innovative technology. Continuing our denim development, we are proud to introduce the latest addition to our denim quiver: the Acies Selvedge Jean. Lead Finisterre Product Designer Todd tells us more.  

Why did we decide to continue our denim development with a selvedge jean? 

Our first denim was a cotton / wool blend with brushed inner; it was absolutely perfect for its intended use – to be warm and moisture wicking right from when you step out of the sea. It’s always about making an amazing product; so making a selvedge jean just because it’s on trend was the last thing on our minds. For us it was about quality and durability - whether or not it was made on a small loom was irrelevant. 

As we’ve now settled into a very strong and successful range of denim products, we began looking into more specialist and artisan denims, from US & Japanese Selvedge to Kevlar blends, as well as stretch and tech qualities.

From my previous experience with Japanese Selvedge, what I really like is how handmade it feels - quite often there is lots of texture and grain and uneven colour coverage, which gives each pair a real unique characteristic. It has personality and each pair of jeans will wear and fade completely differently to the next.

It felt like a good time for Finisterre to add a beautiful organic selvedge denim into the range. 

Selvedge Stats: 
Selvedge refers to the edge of the fabric as it comes from the loom. Rather than a raw edge, selvedge denim is woven so it won’t fray or unravel. Weaving selvedge can only be achieved when using a specialist shuttle loom.

Premium Japanese 13oz selvedge denim 100% organic cotton

Made in Blackburn, England by renowned denim manufacturers, and former MOD and military uniform manufacturers, Cookson & Clegg.

Straight cut
Available in 2 leg lengths

Is there a conversation surrounding sustainability when it comes to our denim?

There is always a dialogue: using organic cotton was a big issue. We are also overseeing chemical and water use and constantly striving for a greener product.

We are now looking into dry-dyeing using natural colours. If we can push the ‘BIG’ brands to get on board with this, it will make it so much easier for us all as they have so much influence over the entire market.

Durability is also key: a product which can outlive 3 pairs of average jeans will naturally have a greener credential.

Acies Selvedge Jean
Acies Selvedge Jean

The latest stage in our denim evolution, the Acies Jean is made from a Japanese 100% organic cotton selvedge denim. The premium quality 13oz

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