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Introducing | Sennen Surf Co.

Over the years our journeys have put us in touch with many people we now call good friends. Near and far, we connect with these likeminded people through various mediums, be it a shared love of the sea, the way in which we approach our work or simply a shared drink at the local watering hole. These relationships are the lifeblood of what we do, and are firmly rooted in our founding pillars of commitment: Product, Environment, People.


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We shall be highlighting several of these people who help make what we do a little easier. Safeguarding what we have strived to build, our stockists both in the UK and further afield fly a high flag for us and help relay our story in their own unique way. We spoke to Dave, Laura and Jo, the brains behind Sennen Surf Co set on the beautiful coast of Cape Cornwall.

How long have you guys held residency in your church of all things surf?

The shop was run as a surf shop for 10 years by Jo’s family but when it closed 4 years ago we looked to take it on. We officially opened again in March 2016 as Sennen Surf Co.

Location? Needing to spend as much time in ocean as possible? What spurred you guys to lay foundations and set up shop?

Dave has successfully run the surf school (Sennen Surfing Centre), for the last 11 years and during that time, naturally we've looked at expanding and the shop was the obvious choice. All of us enjoy the beach and waves and this location doesn't really get any better for a before and after work surf.

From Sam Bleakley to The Smart Brothers, it’s safe to say the Land’s End produces its fair share of proficient surfers. Tell us about the community that revolves around the shop and how important this is.

To be honest the community is what makes Sennen tick. We've been lucky over the years at the school to teach and train the majority of young surfers that have recently made their way in the surfing world. From Mike Lay and James Parry to Isaac Marshall and his sister Maisie, Jake Sage and Connor Stratton-Darling.

The shop caters for these guys as well as the many recreational surfers that we know and love. Without these guys we couldn't function.

What does a typical day look like for you?

We are a small team in the shop. Never more than three of us on each day, it’s all about the coffee and a morning surf check. If it’s good we will squeeze something in before we start but usually we manage something after work if not. We are open 7 days from Easter so it does become home from home. Good music is important.

You are pitched up right on the water's front. Almost victim to Storm Imogen’s wrath earlier last year, issues surrounding climate change and extremes in weather are clearer and more real than ever. What is most prevalent to you and your location? What is your biggest concern?

Dave is the Sennen regional Rep for Surfers Against Sewage so we are constantly reminded of what damage the sea and its debris is doing to our shoreline.

We are less concerned about the damage to the shore and more what it brings in.

What is your favourite part of your Finisterre collection down there? What couldn't you go without?

The knitwear. We all love a heavy knit. It’s not a cold part of the world and we love a bit of insulation, but the Bowmont Jumper and Bosun Crew that get us going.

What’s happing down there at the moment and what are your movements? Anything lined up for the year ahead?

2017 saw Dave and Laura take their 3 and 2 year old around the world before starting work again in March.

We have plans for more events at the shop and with more brands and our second year we look forward to hosting some exciting new companies and showcasing Sennen to the world.


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