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Ep 4. Charles Post - The currency of conservation is passion

This next episode comes from the vault - recorded a couple of months back as I caught up with the fascinating, multifaceted, Charles Post.



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Charles is a Ecologist, Filmmaker, Explorer and lifelong surfer based out of Montana in the US.

I’ve had some great back and forth with Charles over the years, more often than not surf related or simply shared interest in one anothers work and I’d had him pencilled in to join us on the show since day one.

Knowing the breadth and variety of Charles work...

...it was extremely easy to go off on a tangent or quite literally down a rabbit hole, and we spent the first 20 minutes speaking solely about eagles, wolves and roaming elk. Skipping ahead, we discussed about everything from 30x30 biodiversity initiatives, growing up surfing in California, hiking in nature with NFL running backs and inner city kids, to decomposing seal heads and sparking curiosity for conservation early on.

One of the nice dovetails between surfers and scientists is the stoke. We all have that buddy who will call us and tell us how sick their session was. Head high and offshore - that’s the kind of enthusiasm so many scientists have.

Show Notes

Migratory sea birds

Natural History Museum collaboration link

Oyster Catchers

Biophilia - is an innate affinity of life or living systems

Hunter Gatherers

Forest bathing

Physiological effects of being in nature - reduced anxiety, blood pressure, immune system.

Salmon migration

AlaskaLowers, California

Marine Biology

Ocean as a thriving ecosystem

30x30 goals

Landscape preservation efforts

Hip camp

Fast Company

Indigenous wisdom

Coexisting with nature & nature stewardship

Incentivising private citizens to be part of 30x30 solutions


Conserving wildlife corridors

Ecosystems: topsoil / habitat availability / land use change

The Nature Project

Finding your tribe

Marine mammal rehabilitation

Interaction with marine wildlife



Berkley University

Standing river wave, Missoula, US

St Lawrence, Montreal, Canada

Bend, Oregon

Munich, Eisbach river wave

Further Reading

‘Half Earth’ - E.O. Wilson

‘Natures Best Hope’ – Douglas W. Tallamy

‘Surf Is Where You Find It’ - Gerry Lopez


Steve Irwin

Cooper Helfet - Co-founder, The Nature Project

Marshawn Lynch, NFL running back

Rachel Pohl - artist, designer, climber, skier


Instagram: @charles_post