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Ep 9. Gail Gallie - The Global Goals

For episode 9, we tune into one of the more pressing conversations of the moment, and of our time with the COP26 negotiations upon us.



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For those unaware - COP26 or Conference of the Parties is the 5th gathering since the Paris agreement back in 2015 - where global leaders committed to cutting emissions and set the goals of keeping global temeprature increase below 2 degrees.

Hosted in Glasgow, UK - while many things will be discussed, the main goal of of this years conference is to achieve net zero by 2050. And as Alok Sharma, the man presiding over it all said - ‘This is our last chance to avoid the worst effects of climate change.’

With conversations of this nature often overwhelming, we look to find hope in the mass of doomsaying and negative noise

As such, we caught up with Gail Galle of Project Everyone. Project Everyone, a United Nations Global Partner seeks to put the power of great communication behind the Global Goals - a framework for positive change more recently referred to as, the world’s to-do list.

Of which, we went deep and honed in on Goal 14 - Life below Water and the enormous and essential role our oceans play in mitigating climate change. In addition, we also spoke about ice water swimming, the earthshot prize, the hot topic of space exploration and other ocean and planet positive projects.

The best time to fix it was 50 years ago. The second best time is now

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