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What Drives Us

Inspiring the Brave,
to Save the Sea.

We want to light a fire in the belly of everyone that loves the sea. To stir their romance, raise their pulses and draw out their courage. To kit them out and tell them stories. To make them feel closer to the sea and each other. Connected. Awake. Alive.

We want this connection to feed their love of the sea. So that their love turns to its protection. That bravery towards the elements becomes action for the environment. That we protect what we love - and together, save what we have.

Since 2003, Finisterre has stood by three guiding commitments; to product, environment and people. Learn more on our impact here.

Mission Statement

Use our business to affect change, building enduring outdoor wear for those that love the sea and seek adventure, from materials that are ocean positive made in a fair and transparent way.

Our values guide us on our journey to achieve our purpose:


Push ourselves to be better.


Open about the journey and the challenges we face.


Committed to succeed to see it through.

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