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Bristol Microadventures

Our stores have always been hubs for our customers to connect. Each store is different and has a unique community, so we decided to sit down with some of our store managers and get the inside line on what adventures are on offer in their local area.

Those who've visited our Bristol store will probably be familiar with the smiling face of Laina, our store manager. Below she talks through Microadventures to be discovered around the city and how she came to join the Finisterre crew.


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Introducing Laina

I started following Finisterre a few years back on a friend’s recommendation and immediately loved the brand! I felt connected straight away through a shared love of the sea and when the opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance to work for a brand I shared that passion with. I get so much from being in or around the sea. I love swimming and feel really content when I have time in the water - it’s definitely a 'happy place' for me. I really like that Finisterre grew from cold water surfing and the realities of surfing through the winter. As I said, swimming is more my thing, but it inspired me to start cold water swimming all year round. I get so much from still being able to have a dip in open water through the winter, it definitely becomes addictive!

Appreciating the water so much for what it does for me personally, it’s great working for Finisterre, when you know that everything we’re doing as a brand is focussed to help protect it. I’m learning all the time through work, as part of our constant mission to lessen our impact on our environment.

SUP & Surf in the City

The Wave being available in Bristol now, it's a great spot for anyone looking to get a surf in each week if the forecast isn’t looking particularly good. It’s also a great place if you’re looking to learn to surf and wanting to get some beginners sessions planned and to keep up some regular practise.

Another great option to get on the water in Bristol is a harbour-side adventure; paddleboarding. It’s a wickedly fun activity that you can do with the guys at SUP Bristol. They have plenty of options, whether you're an experienced paddler or just starting out and are looking for a different way to see the sights of the city.

Seeking a Swim

If you hadn’t already gathered, I like swimming! We’re lucky to have some lovely open water swim spots close to Bristol, so we can still enjoy an outdoor swim without needed to travel too far. Clevedon Marine Lake is a favourite local spot for me, giving a chance to get in some salty sea (channel) water and enjoy the view looking over to Wales. There’s also some nice spots along the Avon, such as Salford for anyone looking to enjoy a river dip.

Anyone seeking to do some training for swimming or a triathlon, there is a place called Mad Mikes Lake, based in Frampton. It’s a 600m lake ideal for covering some distance if your training for an event and practising swimming alongside a few other swimmers doing the same track.

Coastal trails: Clevedon to Portishead

There is loads of beautiful walks to explore in and around the city but if you’re looking to enjoy a local coastal walk you can explore the point to point walk from Clevedon to Portishead. It’s a 30 mins drive to get from Bristol to Clevedon then you can join the coastal path to start the 5 mile walk.

There is lot’s of interesting stopping points to see on the way with continuous views looking out across the seven estuary. You can start the walk from either location, Portishead also has a nature reserve walk so you can carry on exploring once you’ve arrived.

Our Bristol store is located at 70 Park Street and at time of writing, we’re open for business as usual. (Make sure to check your local store page in case this changes!) We’re looking forward to seeing our community, so pop in and say 'hi!' – whether you want more ideas for local Microadventures or fancy taking a look through our latest products. We can’t wait to see you.


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