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Supporting FareShare This Winter

As the UK gets ready for a Christmas unlike any other, we know that many people are facing a difficult winter season. That’s why we teamed up with FareShare South West, to help them reach their goal of providing ONE MILLION meals to people in need this winter.
For every order we received between Friday 27.11.20 and Monday 30.11.20, we donated £2 to FareShare.* That’s any order, big or small...


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Together, we got 54,396 MEALS to people in need. (So far!)


It’s been a crazy year. Back in spring, not many would have correctly predicted the way it’s panned out. Lots of us have had to make sacrifices – seeing friends and family, coffee break conversations, holidays, hugs… For many though, the struggle has been even deeper. With reduced incomes and major restrictions on our daily lives, food poverty in the UK has risen at unprecedented rates. So, as we enter the giving season, we wanted to give a little back to help those who are struggling in our region.

The last weekend of November 2020 was set to be one of our busiest ever, so we decided that for every single order we received, we would donate £2 to Fare Share South West – that’s 8 meals to someone in need for every order made.

With the support of our incredible community, we raised £13,599 to provide meals to those in need. That works out to 54,396 meals funded through our own donations and those you generously gave as individuals.

A huge thank you to all who got involved!

We're incredibly proud that we've helped provide 54,396 meals to those in need, but with your help this could be even more. A single £5 donation covers the costs of making a family food parcel, and just £25 covers the costs of delivering food for 100 children’s meals.

It’s been a difficult year for many. Let’s work together to make sure those who need it most have one less thing to worry about this Christmas. The appeal is still live, so you can continue to donate and help provide meals to those who need them most this winter. Thank you for your support.

Why FareShare?

You might have heard of FareShare already, after they were praised by Marcus Rashford as part of his free school meals campaign. The charity stops food from going to waste by collecting hundreds of tonnes of great quality surplus produce before it even gets into the supermarkets. Their regional centres work closely with hundreds of local organisations to make sure food gets to where it’s most needed; taking care of logistics to redistribute that food into schools, foodbanks and local charities, as well as other Covid response initiatives.

Their FoodStock 2020 campaign aims to get one million meals to people in need in the South West this winter, and Finisterre is proud to be supporting the project. Donations are monitored by the Fundraising Regulator and go directly to covering costs in getting food to people in need - from safe storage, van hire and fuel costs to food sourcing, logistics and food parcel boxes.


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