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Swallows & Rainbows #FinisterreForNHS

At the beginning of lockdown, what started out as a simple idea to do our bit for NHS staff working tirelessly to keep us safe, snowballed into a display of astounding creativity from our community. We managed to raise over £10,000 for the NHS Covid-19 Urgent Appeal and we continue to support them with our NHS pin badges, available in our stores which have all now reopened.
It really wasn't easy to pick a winner, and we're not just saying that. We could have picked 50 that we'd be proud to see adorn our tees.  


Collage of some of our favourite entries in the #FinisterreForNHS tee design competition

"We were totally blown away by the reaction to our NHS tee design comp. We had over 700 entries, including loads of awesome ones from children. The designs were truly amazing and I just want to say thank you to everyone who took part - we’ll be sending you all pin badges."  Finisterre Founder, Tom Kay

Yep, you read that right. We've been so impressed that for everyone who entered the competition, we'll be sending you a complementary Finisterre Pin badge.

Now, back to the business at hand.


And the winner was...


Paula Hirst [@vanphirst]


Paula Hirst - Winner of FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition

We'll be printing Paula's design on our tees over the next couple of weeks and will be letting our community know as soon as it goes on sale. (If you're not on our mailing list already, sign up at the bottom of this page.)

100% of the sales proceeds will go to the NHS Covid-19 Urgent Appeal.  

With so many amazing designs, we wanted to share the other entries that made our top 10. We've even made up a kids shortlist, such was the quality on display - so keep on scrolling... 


Adam Wilkinson

Adam Wilkinson - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition

 George Wheadon [@gwheadon]

George Wheadon - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition

Lauren Gentry Lauren Gentry - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition

Gemma Hardy [@thehardyview

Gemma Hardy - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition Rowan Bailey [@byrowanbailey]

Rowan Bailey - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition

 Hannah Bergin

Hannah Bergin - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition

Beverly Hopwood [@beverleyhopwoodillustration]

Beverly Hopwood - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition

Mai Dudley [@maidudleyillustration]

Mai Dudley - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition

Fabrice Houdry [@fhyaralt]

Fabrice Houdry - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition

 And now for the Kids! 

With some truly outstanding work from the groms out there, we decided to make a separate category, just for the children's entries.

We'll be sending each of these budding designers a pack-away rucksack from our new collaboration with the Natural History Museum


'K-dog' [aged 11]


'K-dog' - Winner of FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition [Kids category]

And making up the top 10, in no particular order...


Harry [aged 8]

Harry aged 9  - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition [Kids category]

Rowena Taylor

Rowena Taylor  - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition [Kids category]

Daisy Ali [aged 9] 

Daisy Ali aged 9  - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition [Kids category]

Daisy Malinowski [aged 10]

Daisy Malinowski aged 9  - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition [Kids category]

Max Przygrodzka [aged 9] Max Przygrodzka aged 9  - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition [Kids category]

Bo Reef [aged 6]

Bo Reef aged 6  - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition [Kids category]

Clara [aged 14]

Clara aged 14  - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition [Kids category]

Miss Williams [aged 11]

Miss Williams aged 11  - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition [Kids category]

Molly Kerr [aged 9]

Molly Kerr aged 9  - #FinisterreForNHS t-shirt design competition [Kids category]




Bil Al

I know there can be really only one winner. But they’re all great designs.

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