Bamboo Viscose

Naturally breathable, temperature regulating and antibacterial, bamboo is a refreshingly multi-functional fabric. From base layers to boxers, we've been increasingly weaving bamboo staples into our product range. In this guide, we walk through all the great things about this innovative material, why we love it and how to care for it...

What is bamboo fabric?

"Bamboo fabric" is the catch-all term for a variety of textiles that can be made from the bamboo plant. Humans have been crafting clothes from bamboo for thousands of years, yet it is only recent that the process has been perfected and bamboo has grown in popularity as well-reputed sustainable fibre.

How is bamboo fabric made?

Bamboo fabric is made via three main steps. Firstly, the inner pith from the hard bamboo trunks is crushed, along with the leaves, to extract the bamboo cellulose. These fibres are then soaked in a natural solution and washed. The final step is then spinning the bamboo into yarn, ready to be woven into fabric.

Environmental impact

Bamboo is one of the most renewable fibres on the planet. Fast growing, it requires very little water and no pesticides, removing as much CO2 from the atmosphere during growth as is created when it’s harvested. It is also durable and long-lasting as a fabric, meaning your bamboo clothing will happily last you season after season.

Benefits of Bamboo clothing

Bamboo has a host of natural properties that make it a fantastic fibre for clothing:

1. Breathable
2. Temperature regulating
3. Antibacterial
4. Moisture wicking
5. Hypoallergenic

...We could go on but we’d be here a while. Add to this its super soft texture and incredible comfort next to the skin and you’ll see why we love it.

How to care for Bamboo clothing

Our bamboo base layers are designed to last season after season... but you also need to do your bit to make sure they're well looked-after!

How to wash your bamboo base layers:

- Machine washable, low spin only
- Machine Wash At 30
- Wash With Similar Colours
- Low Spin
- Dry Flat Away From Direct Heat Or Sunlight
- Dark Colours May Transfer When Damp
- Do Not Tumble Dry
- Cool Iron
- Do Not Bleach