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EP 26. Ali Carrier

Salmon & Surf

For this next episode, we sit down with a saltwater soul who’d rival most people for time spent in the sea. Aline Carrier is another person with an insatiable passion for their profession. Fisheries Specialist, Oceanographer, Freediver, Surfer, sailor, Ali is someone who’s obsession for the sea stands as testament to the profound connections that can be forged between humans and the ocean. Seamlessly managing to blend her academic world, adventurous spirit and deep-seated curiosity to dive headfirst into her aquatic surroundings.



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hell or high water episode 22
Episode 26
Ali Carrier

We discussed everything from the thriving local ecosystem above and below water.

The complexities and nuances of  fish stock management. Indigenous wisdom and the application of first nations knowledge. Plus a pretty rattling encounter with a pod of Orcas that would send most of us to the shore. 

“It has many ramifications in my life… freediving is very addictive, it’s literally a drug!"

Ali Carrier

“Orca…ORCAS! I needed to turn and face it. I saw this black fin a good 4ft out of the water coming in my direction. I remember putting my head in the water and seeing them coming towards me. Everything stopped as they passed in front of us.”

Ali Carrier


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