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EP 28. Glen Walsh

Still Out In the Lineup

For our latest episode we spoke to the inimitable Glen Walsh, a proudly gay surfer and Venice Beach local who helped produce the groundbreaking 2014 documentary ‘OUT in the lineup’ - one of the first to look at being gay in the surf world. A surfer, skater and activist, Glen’s passion and energy to create space for LGBTQ+ surfers is palpable. We covered everything from growing up skating and coming out in the 80s, to the current landscape for LGBTQ+ surfers, and his now legendary daily surf reports from Venice Pier.



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hell or high water episode 28
Episode 28
Glen Walsh

We followed Glen’s personal story, from Santa Monica skate grom to surfer and LGBTQ+ activist…

Having grown up opposite Jay Adams and Tony Alva who kitted him out with a new skateboard, coming out in his teen years led to Glen feeling disconnected from his community. Fast forward to today though, and he’s the star of a 15-year-running daily surf report that thousands of Venetians count on. 

We talked about that personal passion project, if and how things have progressed for LGBTQ+ surfers since the release of Out In The Line Up, and his staunch belief that the future of surfing is female.

“Who the f**k are you to tolerate me? I’m tolerating you.”

- Glen Walsh

“The future of surfing is female. They’re the ones who are leading the way and creating all these new aspects to surfing. The power, the femininity, the flow of female surfing on a pro level is pushing the whole thing forward.”

- Glen Walsh